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Word Limit For Xat Essay Topics

Tips on XAT Essay Writing

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

XAT Essay Writing is one of the major hurdles that students face when preparing for XAT. Entrance tests for MBA are on full swing and the last one in this series is XAT. For all the students who did not do well in CAT, XAT is a golden chance to redeem themselves. Along with Xaviers, a lot of esteemed B-schools such as SP Jain, IMT, MICA etc., accept both CAT and XAT scores for their admission process.

It is popular amongst the students that among all the entrance exams for MBA, XAT is the hardest and probably for the right reasons. Unlike other MBA entrance tests in India, XAT contains two sections that are nowhere to be found in other entrance exams, Decision Making and Essay Writing (Most of the B-Schools conduct a WAT session once you are shortlisted on the basis of your percentile).

The paper for XAT is divided into two parts, Part I and Part II. While calculating the percentile, only Part I is considered. Part II will be considered once you are shortlisted on the basis of your percentile. Part I comprises of QADI, Verbal Ability and Reasoning and Decision Making. Part II is comprised of General Awareness and Essay Writing. You have 40 minutes to attempt the second part, 30 questions from General Awareness and a 200-word essay are to be completed in those 40 minutes.

The topics given for XAT Essay Writing are general or abstract so you are allowed to have a broad perspective. The purpose of Essay Writing in XAT is that along with your language skills, the panelists also get to analyze your thinking process, whether you are capable of putting your thoughts in a logical and reasonable manner or not. In this way, they get to understand certain bits of your personality which helps them with your assessment during the Personal Interview.

We get a lot of questions from students regarding XAT Essay Writing. So, in this post, we are going to share some tips with you on the same:

1. Avoid creating a hotchpotch of ideas

Since the topics given in XAT Essay are mostly general, you start getting a lot of ideas. This is where students create the worst mistake, they put in a lot of ideas in a 200-word essay and create a “khichdi” of the essay thus leading to the obvious doom.

To avoid this mistake, in the limited time that you have, give yourself a few seconds to collect your thoughts properly and put them in short bullet points on a piece of paper before penning down the actual essay on the answer sheet. This way your thoughts will be to the point and the answer sheet will look neat and tidy (A blessing to the examiner!)

2. Maintain a proper structure

An essay written with an improper structure makes for a bad reading, thus creating a bad impression on the examiner. In your first paragraph, give the examiner a fair idea of what you are trying to accomplish through this essay.

In the following passages, expand on the ideas that you suggested in the first paragraph. Remember, you have a word limit of 200 words, so, make sure that your thoughts concise and not all over the place.

Never make the mistake of ending your passage with an improper conclusion. Conclude the essay in the end by keeping in mind all the points that you discussed in the above paragraphs.

3. Keep it interesting

When you start writing the essay, remind yourself that the examiner has to go through thousands of essays, most of them poorly written in some or the other way and might be in a bad mood. You sure don’t want to be the cause of it getting worse (Consequences might be severe for you).

To create content for good reading, it is important that the writing is interesting throughout. From thousands of boring and sleep inducing essays, make yours interesting to get the extra edge over other MBA aspirants.

P.S.: Maintain a neat handwriting while writing your essay (Let’s not make the examiner strain their eyes!!).

4. Practice makes a man perfect

In the three weeks that are left for XAT, make it a habit to religiously write one essay everyday and get it examined by your mentor/teacher/guide so that they can point out the mistakes that you are making and then you can improve upon those mistakes by seeking guidance from them.

5. Read a lot

Read articles from newspapers such as The Hindu, The Indian Express etc. and analyze the writing styles from the articles written in these newspapers. Not only will you get familiar with the structure of an essay but your knowledge bank will also increase thus helping you during the GD-PI process for B-Schools.

6. XAT Essay Writing Topics from Past 5 years

2013 Corruption is the root cause of economic slowdown in India.

2014: The most beautiful thing can neither be seen nor be touched but can only be felt.

2015: Listening is a dying art. We hardly listen to understand. We only listen to refute or reply.

2016: Technology and Nature are natural enemies.

2017: Globalization and Jingoism always coexist.

You can also see XAT Essay Topics from Previous Year Papers – From 2000 till 2017

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Tips on XAT Essay Writing

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XAT Essay Topics are usually abstract type topics, which test you more at your analytical skills and how sound you are in presenting your opinion and view on aspects. To help you do well in XAT Essay Writing, we earlier brought to you the list of Important XAT Essay Topics, and today we bring to you Tips for XAT Essay Writing.

Tips for XAT Essay Writing

Word limit for XAT Essay is usually 200 words and could be upto 250 words in certain years. So, time is not an issue and hence you can focus well on the quality without worrying about the time. 

Read the topic carefully and determine what you have been asked to write.

Are you expected to present the pros and cons of a particular issue? Are you expected to present an analytical piece? Are you required to write an argumentative essay or come up with different prespectives vis-a-vis an abstract topic?

Once you have a clear picture, jot down the important points that occur to you. For example, if the topic is “Economic growth without environmental damage — a mirage or a reality”, the points can be:

  • If it is a mirage, how/ why is it so?
  • Technological advancement so far has always decimated scarce and precious natural resources
  • Greed ensures that imbalance between need and output is unchecked
  • Law enforcement is always behind violation of environmental preservation norms etc
  • If it is a reality, how/why can it be so?
  • Alternative sources of energy
  • Recycling
  • Stringent checks and so on

Now reorganise thoughts into the three-section format:

An awesome introduction:
Employ a quote, [only if it is relevant] or a generic observation pertaining to the topic at hand.

Supporting ideas:
This effectively is the body of the essay that is generally fleshed out over two or three small paragraphs. You can move from one paragraph to other by means of connectives such as ‘Furthermore’, ‘Moreover’ or ‘To illustrate’ etc. If you wish to present a deviation from the main line of thought or state an exception, you can use words like ‘however’, ‘but’ etc.

Examples will be the key to showcase your understanding of the topic. Provide those that are a function of your reading, observation or personal experience.

You must be politically correct and at the same time avoid wishy washy examples that do not stand scrutiny. 

Wrap up the essay with a fitting finale, using connectives such as ‘ In conclusion’ , ‘Hence’ or ‘Thus’. Otherwise, however well written the essay, it will hang and have an unfinished feel to it.

Tick the important checklist

A] Cogency and coherence: The essay should have a smooth flow of thought and maintain relevance at all times. Moving back and forth will have a stilted effect.

B] Sentence structure: The word choice and construction of sentences should be apt and concise. Certain principles of grammar and usage must be adhered to.

C] Proofreading: Spelling errors are a strict no-no in a formal essay.

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