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Chugachmiut Scholarship Essay

Regional ANCSA Corporation Education Foundation(s)

Scholarships for shareholders and descendents.

Sealaska Heritage Institute
One Sealaska Plaza, Suite 301 Juneau, AK 99801
PH: 1-888-311-4992 or 907-586-9170 FAX: 907-586-9293
Email: scholarships@sealaska.com

Village ANCSA Corporation Education Foundation(s)

Scholarships for shareholders and descendents.

Goldbelt Heritage Institute
3075 Vintage Blvd, Suite 200 Juneau, AK 99801
PH: 907-790-4990 FAX: 907-790-4999

Huna Heritage Foundation
Huna Totem Corporation
9301 Glacier Hwy, Suite 210 Juneau, AK 99801
PH: 907-523-3682

Klukwan Educational Trust
Klukwan, Inc.
PO Box 209 Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-766-2211 FAX: 907-766-2973

Shee Atika Benefits Trust
Shee Atika, Incorporated
315 Lincoln St., Suite 300 Sitka, AK 99835
PH: 907-747-3534  or 1-800-478-3534 FAX: 907-747-5727

Kootznoowoo, Inc.
8585 Old Dairy Road, Suite 201 Juneau, AK 99801
PH: 907-790-2992

Klawock Heenya Corporation
PO Box 129 Klawock, Alaska 99925

Cape Fox Corporation (Saxman)
P.O. Box 8558 Ketchikan, AK 99901

CDQ (Community Development Quota) Organizations

Not applicable to this region.

Tribal Education Organizations

BIA Education Contractors/Compact Organizations. Funding agency is dependent upon which village the student is tribally enrolled.

Baranof Island Housing Authority
245 Katlian Street Sitka, AK 99835 PH: 907-747-5088 FAX: 907-747-5701

Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority
Student Housing Voucher Scholarship Program
PH: 907-780-6868

Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (multiple villages)
3239 Hospital Drive Juneau, AK 99801
PH: 1-800-344-1432 or 907-463-7375 FAX: 907-463-7321

Angoon Community Association
PO Box 190 Angoon, AK 99820
PH: 907-788-3411 FAX: 907-788-3412

Chilkat Indian Village
PO Box 210 Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-767-5505 FAX: 907-767-5518

Chilkoot Indian Association
PO Box 490 Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907.766.2323 Fax 907.766.2365

Douglas Indian Association
PO Box 240541 Douglas, AK 99824-0541
PH: 907-364-2916 FAX: 907-364-2917

Haida Corporation
PO Box 89 Hydaburg, AK 99922
PH: 907.285.3721

Hoonah Indian Association
PO Box 602 Hoonah, AK 99829
PH: 907-945-3545 FAX: 907-945-3703

Hydaburg Cooperative Association
PO Box 349 Hydaburg, AK 99922
PH: 907-285-3666 FAX: 907-285-3667

Organized Village of Kake
PO Box 316 Kake, AK 99830
PH: 907-785-6471 FAX: 907-785-4902

Organized Village of Kasaan
PO Box 26-KXA Ketchikan, AK 99950-0340
PH 907.542.2230 FAX: 907.542.3006

Ketchikan Indian Corporation
2960 Tongass Ave Ketchikan, AK 99901
PH: 1-800-252-5158 or 907-225-5158 FAX: 907-247-0429

Metlakatla Tribal Council
PO Box 35 Metlakatla, AK 99921
PH: 907-886-7604 FAX: 907-886-4469

Pelican Tlingit & Haida Community Council
PO Box 11 Pelican, AK 99832
PH: 907-735-2240 Fax: 907.735.2258
Petersburg Indian Association

PO Box 1418 Petersburg, AK 99833
PH: 907-772-3636

Shaan Seet, Inc.
PO Box 690 Craig, AK 99921-0090
PH: 907-826-3251

Skagway Traditional Council
PO Box 1157 Skagway, Alaska 99840
PH: 907.983.4068
Email: stcadmin@skagwaytraditional.org

Tenakee Springs Indian Community
PO Box 535 Tenakee, AK 99841
PH: 907.736.2214

Sitka Tribes of Alaska
456 Katlian Street Sitka, AK 99835
PH: 1-800-746-3207 or 907-747-6478 FAX: 907-747-4915

Yakutat Tlingit Tribe
PO Box 418 Yakutat, AK 99689
PH: 907-784-3238 FAX: 907-784-3595

State of Alaska Workforce Development


10002 Glacier Hwy, Suite 100 Juneau, AK 99801-8569
PH: 907-465-4562 FAX: 907-465-2984
Email: juneau.jobcenter@alaska.gov


2030 Sea Level Drive, Suite 220 Ketchikan, AK 99901-6073
PH: 907-225-3181 FAX: 907-247-0557
Email: Ketchikan.jobcenter@alaska.gov


304 Lake Street, Room 101 Sitka, AK 99835-7563
PH: 907-747-3423 FAX: 907-747-7579
Email: sitka.jobcenter@alaska.gov

Other Scholarship Entities

Alaska Native Brotherhood/Sisterhood Arthur Demmert Sr Scholarship
PO Box 32457 Juneau, AK 99803-2457
PH: 907-586-2624

AMA Foundation Arthur N. Wilson, MD, Scholarship
AMA Foundation
515 North State Street Chicago, IL 60610
PH 312-464-4193 FAX: 312-464-4142
Email: dina.lindenberg@ama-assn.org

 Amundsen Educational Center
Going into any type of vocational or academic training program costs money.  Don't let a lack of funds discourage you from reaching your goals.  There are a number of community resources available that might pay for part or all of your training costs here at AEC.  

Financial Aid by Corporation for Alaska Natives

*This is a generalization of most Vocational Students.  AEC does not guarantee that all Vocational Students will have the same results.  As with all financial decisions, students are encouraged to take their own unique circumstances into consideration and seek the advice of professional or legal counsel when necessary.
None of the information contained in AEC's website constitutes a recommendation, solicitation or offer by AEC or its affiliates to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or other assets or provide any investment or borrowing advice or service. The information contained in AEC's website has been prepared without reference to any particular user's lending or investment requirements or financial situation.

Community Resources

There are are variety of community resources available in the Kenai/Soldotna Area that help fund training for individuals who meet certain criteria.  

​If you are not from the area, check with your local Job Center or School Counselor to see if there are similar resources available where you live.

Keep in mind that obtaining funding from these resources can take up to 6 weeks, so it is best to start the process early in case of delays.

Career Support and Training Services
Located in the Kenai Job Center
View Website

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Located at 145 Main St. Loop, Kenai
View Website

Kenaitze Indian Tribe
510 Upland St, Kenai
View Website


Student Loans

If you have explored the Community Resources and Scholarships available to you, Student Loans are another way to pay for Vocational Training.

Since students of Vocational Training borrow less money and spend less time in school, they are able to begin paying the loan back sooner and become debt-free faster than those who choose academic education.*

The following types of loans are typical of Vocational Students:

Alaska Supplemental Education Loan

Family Education Loan

Other Options for Student Loans

Ahtna, Incorporated
The Aleutians Region
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Bering Straits Native Corporation
Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Calista Corporation
Chugach Alaska Corporation
Cook Inlet Region, Inc.
  • Doyon Foundation
  • K’oyitl’ots’ina, Limited Scholarships (Alatna, Allakaket, Hughes, Huslia)
  • Gana-A’Yoo Foundation Scholarship (Galena, Koyukuk, Nulato, Kaltag)
  • The MTNT Foundation (McGrath, Takotna, Nikolai, Telida)
  • Tanana Chiefs, Adult Vocational Training (Birch Creek, Circle, Huslia, Minto, Tetlin, Fairbanks)
  • ​Fort Yukon Adult Vocational Technical Scholarship
  • Golden Valley Electric Association Career and Technical Education Scholarship
  • United Utilities, Inc and United-KUC. (UUI) Scholarship

Koniag, Inc.
NANA Corporation
Sealaska Corporation

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