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Jrotc Essay Topics

Annual Junior ROTC National Essay Contest

The JROTC Essay Contest is an annual competition designed to give Cadets an opportunity to assimilate lessons learned from JROTC curriculum and communicate their knowledge in writing. Participating in the essay contest exposes Cadets to a key component of 21st Century Education: writing.

2017-18 Theme: "Emotional Intelligence"

FY 2016-17 - 1st Place

Cadet Tiffany Bryant
William H. Lanier High School
Jackson, MS
Click here to read the winning essay.

Second Place

Cadet Rachel Martin
Jackson Area Career Center
Jackson, MI

Third Place

Cadet Pedro Acosta
Cumberland Valley High School
Mechanicsburg, PA

Brigades' Other Nominees

2nd Brigade-

Cadet Nykayla Sampson
Jennings High School
Jennings, MO

4th Brigade-
Cadet Devin Gay
Jesse C Carson/South Rowan High School
China Grove, NC

Cadet Olivia DeJesus
Lincoln Middle High School
McClellanville, SC

Cadet Tyler Steinruck
Powhatan High School
Powhatan, VA

5th Brigade-

Structured Reflection Phase

Remember, a strong reflection helps develop skills and extend your learning from the service experience. Sharing what you learned with your teammates and listening to others will add to your learning experience. Types of reflection questions to ask about the service learning experience include the following:

Observation/What.What did I do?

Analysis/So What.What did it mean to me?

Integration/Now What.What will I do because of what I accomplished or learned?

This phase provides you with a structured opportunity to think about what you just did for your community and to describe the feelings that stimulated your actions throughout this activity. Experience indicates that reflection is the key to successful service learning programs.

After you actually perform the service, you should come together as a group to contemplate

your service experiences in a project summary report, learning logs, essays,and class discussions. You should thoroughly describe what happened during the activity; record any differences your activity actually made; and try to place this experience in a larger context. Specifically, do you believe you successfully accomplished your service learning goals? If not, why? What can you do better the next time? Share your feelings and thoughts. Discuss experiences that made you happy, sad, or angry; events that surprised or frightened you; and other topics related to the activity.

Your structured reflection must be between 1 and two pages long, singled spaced and include an Observation, Analysis, and Integration component. Use the Service Learning Rubric for additional guidance.
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