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Civil War 1642 Essays

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Essay on The Causes of the Civil War

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The Causes of the Civil War

In 1642, Civil War broke out in England, Parliament against the King. Civil War is said to be the worst kind of war because it is when a country fights against itself and unfortunately, this was the case in England. Many family's were torn apart and many people were killed but how had this happened? How had a great country gone so low that they would have to fight themselves? How had England gone into Civil War? This is what we are going to find out.

King Charles got off to a bad start. England was a protestant country and so, you would expect him to marry a protestant, but he did not. Charles married Henrietta Maria, a French Catholic, in 1625. This was bad…show more content…

He ruled without them for 11years, until 1640. Some say that Britain was happy during this time and others say that Charles' polices, his taxes and religious reforms, during this time made him very unpopular and were one of the main reasons why we had Civil War. I am for Charles but I think this was a bad move. Here are Charles' policies:

Money- Charles had to find a new method of raising money and one method he used was Ship Money. This tax was usually paid by coastal counties in time of war to improve the navy. In 1634, Charles' started asking coastal counties for ship money even though the navy didn't need any improvements and it wasn't time of war and in 1635, Ship Money was taken from inland counties too. It looked like Charles wanted this tax to become permanent even though it was very unpopular but people paid it and Charles got his money so, to him, the ship money tax was successful!

Religion- Charles and Archbishop Laud started making changes to the Church of England in 1630. They said they were trying to improve it but lots of people, particularly the puritans, thought they were trying to turn their Protestant church into a Catholic one and the fact that Charles' wife was Catholic didn't help! Archbishop Laud and King Charles started decorating the churches and thought that this would make the people feel closer to god and they

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