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Expertsmind Assignment Sheet

All the data required to compute the various performance measures are available in the attached excel sheet. Please refer to the excel sheet for the details “ Arvind_Mills_CF.xls ”. Download: http://www.expertsmind.com/sample-assignment/Arvind-Mills.xls For computing the industry averages, I have considered 6 company’s though there are about 400+ companys in the TEXTILE sector. 1. Bombay Dyeing 2. Garden Silks 3. Indian Rayon and Industries 4. Indo Rama Synthetics 5. Mahavir Spinning Mills 6. Raymond The financial information (BS, P&L) are downloaded from the www.moneycontrol.com, the values fed into an excel sheet and their averages computed. This is considered for the comparing the financial figures of Arvind Mills vis-à-vis industry average. Disclaimer:-Except for the financial figures and the company background information, not a single analysis statement have been replicated nor copied from any source. All the write-up is only my personal interpretation. (1) Shareholder Value Company Background Arvind Mills (AML), the flagship company of Lalbhai Group was incorporated in 1931 to manufacture cotton textiles. AML, for long has been one of the leading cotton manufacturing company in the country producing conventional suiting fabrics, shirting fabrics, sarees has moved into denim manufacturing in 1980's is currently the largest denim manufacturer in the world.The company with both international and local brands is one of the leading player in the domestic ready to wear garment industry. The company has the rights to market international brands such as Arrow, Lee, Flying Machine etc in India. The company has also owns popular brands such as Newport, Ruggers, Excalibre and Ruf & Tuf. It has tied-up with H I Lee for Lee brand in denim Jeans and with Cluett International, US, for Arrow Shirts for manufacturing and marketing in India. AML's recent tie-ups include its technical and marketing alliance with F M Hammerie Von-Ogensver Waltungs, Austria, the US-based Alamac Knit

As a student, you’ll be aware of the daunting and overwhelming of an impending "Expertsmind Assignment Help" deadline. Set out of the blue by your most hated professor or lecturer, it’s as though they expect you to drop everything including your social life, your online time and your study time for the rest of your lessons. Don’t they know that you’ve got a part-time job? To minimise this being a problem, assignment help services, such ExpertsMind.com have been set up alleviate these stresses.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – 2/10
  2. Quality – 3/10
  3. Prices – 2/10
  4. Support – 3/10
  5. Conclusion – 3/10

Services – 2/10

Experts Expertsmind Assignment Help isn’t like your original custom writing service. On this website, you can simply ask a question that will help you to answer your assignment question. You simply input your question into the website, and you can receive the answer. You can order an assignment from Expertsmind Assignment Help site, but Expertsmind Assignment Help is an extremely confusing process which, in reality, only offers around 20+ assignment types. The services that the site actually offers is extremely misleading and may not be worth your time trying to figure src="https://simplegrad.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/expertsmind-review.png">

Quality – 3/10

Since there is no Expertsmind Assignment Help testimonials or reviews page, Expertsmind Assignment Help leads me to believe that the website is operating illegitimately and lacks credibility. Searching online, I quickly discovered that many students had complained about their assignment questions being answered by unreliable sources that could easily be found online, not through professional knowledge. When it came to the custom writing service, students complained that their delivered content was poor quality, riddled with mistakes and errors and obviously wasn’t written in practised English.

Pricing – 2/10

The pricing scheme on ExpertsMind raises a few eyebrows. When it comes to the question service, there’s no set pricing guidelines which mean the website can charge whatever want to whoever they want. This is the same when it comes to the custom writing service. You simply enter on the order form what price you are expecting to pay, enter your personal Expertsmind Assignment Help and then they’ll send you a quote. This is a very illegitimate way of handling business.

Support – 3/10

Referring to the contact page, you’ll notice there is a very limited number of ways to contact the company if you need to. There’s a US phone number, an email address and a physical address that states that the company is based in India. This is an extremely limited amount of methods to contact the company. For example, if your assignment you have ordered isn’t turning up on time, how will get Expertsmind Assignment Help of them? This service is only really suitable Indian students or students inside the US.

ExpertsMind.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on ExpertsMind.com:

As you can see, Experts Mind has a lot to consider before it can pride itself as a decent custom writing service. With poor quality, an extremely confusing services list, high prices and signs of Expertsmind Assignment Help everything, Expertsmind Assignment Help highly recommended that you take your custom writing service tasks elsewhere.

Rated: 1.8

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