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Socratic Seminar Reflection Essay On The Steward

Harnoor Singh Mrs. Maas 10 Scholars English-3 23 October 2015 Things Fall Apart Socratic Seminar Reflection Things Fall Apart Socratic Seminar's Process Included Critical thinking, inquiring and communicating. These traits were essential and also challenging to work on. These are traits are also part of the IB learner profile and therefore led to my individual growth toward IB. The steps that were significant to me for the Socratic Seminar -Inquire the text, organize ideas and thoughts and find evidence to support the ideas. In order to inquire the text I found the basic information about the author, the main characters, setting and climax of the novel. Than to make this step significant I organized my ideas and thoughts to make strong arguments. At last to make my process significant I found textual evidence to support my arguments. These three steps were challenging but they were essential for a successful Socratic seminar. Also this process led to my individual growth.

           In Partnership with


8 minutes


Reflect on a team taught lesson

Questions to Consider

  • How do Ms. Gilrein and Ms. Wolfe reflect on the lesson they taught?
  • How do these reflections inform the next steps that the teachers plan?
  • How do the teachers reflect on the work of individual students and make plans to include all students in discussions?

Watch all the videos in this series:Collaborating Across Disciplines: Planning & Team Teaching.

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School 7 Oceanside Senior High SchoolOceanside, NY
1,787 students
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